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Committee Member

Micky Harris

Born in Lavender Hill in February 1961, Micky Harris has been a London taxi driver since 2020 after a 20 year career as a secondary school teacher.

Micky found out about the work of the Taxi Charity while he was doing The Knowledge and signed up as a volunteer as soon as he got his badge.


Micky has taken veterans to events across the UK as well as on commemorative trips to the Netherlands and France. He joined the Taxi Charity committee in 2023.

He is a father of four and a grandfather of ten. Micky’s son Richard is also a cab driver.


Micky created the Unify London app which launched in April 2023, with a legacy from his dearly missed wife Barbara who died of cancer in 2022. The cab hailing app is very different to anything else that is available to London cab drivers. There is no surge pricing, no hidden fees, no cancellations, and the cab driver receives the full fare.


Charities including the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, The London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children, The Albany Taxi Charity and the Magical Taxi Tour will benefit every time the app is used.

London cab driver Micky Harris with Arnhem veteran Bill Larder  (1).JPG
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