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Frans Ammerlaan,
Dutch Co-ordinator

Frans initially got involved with the Taxi Charity in 2010 when a photographer who was taking photos for the Pegasus magazine in the Oosterbeek area asked if he could help bringing some veterans to the Netherlands. Planning started immediately and the first big trip was in May 2012 for Dutch Liberation.


When asked what he loves about working with the Taxi Charity, Frans said: "The Taxi Charity drivers are excellent people who of course enjoy the trips but their help with the veterans is outstanding; they do everything for them, not only driving them but being almost a carer and looking after their veteran. This is one reason, the other and most important, is to give something back to these great man and women that sacrificed so much and helped liberate our country, whether it was Italy, Normandy, or somewhere else they all did their bit."


Frans lives on the edge of Arnhem South near the village of Elst, about 10 minutes on a bicycle to the John Frost bridge.


Frans has a great interest in Operation Market Garden and feels that being involved in the commemorations is a wonderful job. He is delighted that his son now assists him with the Market Garden Foundation.


Frans enjoys travel and has travelled all over Europe on a motorbike. He fell in love with the UK and has spent the last 40 years visiting the UK two to three times a year. His favourite parts of the UK are the Isle of Skye, the Lake District, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire. As well as loving history, he also enjoys Celtic music.

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