Support Team

In addition to the committee, taxi drivers and collectors, the Taxi Charity is lucky to be assisted by a number of additional support staff.


These people work away behind the scenes and give so generously of their time.


Our support staff includes:


  • Frans Ammerlaan, Dutch Co-ordinator

  • ​Gary Extence, Paramedic

  • Penny Extence, Paramedic

  • Kenny Flemwell, Mechanic

  • Susy Goodwin, Graphic Designer & Administrator

  • ​Stuart MacLeod, Mechanic

  • Anne Parsons, Bookkeeper, Minute Taker & GiftAid Administrator

  • Jim Pullen, Mechanic

  • Steve Rouse, First Aider

  • ​Theresa Rouse, Nurse

  • Liz Stubbs, Paramedic

  • John Stubbs, Paramedic

  • Nathalie Varnière, French Co-ordinator


If you would like to volunteer at the Taxi Charity in any capacity, please contact us.

We would also like to thank all the staff at Millwall Football Club for their continued support with our collections and ongoing use of their facilities.


Also the Royal Hospital Chelsea for their kind support in providing us with meeting room facilities.

And the LTDA for their continued support.

Nathalie was born in Fécamp, Normandy, and has studied and lived in Edinburgh, Bristol, London and St Austell.

“On 7 June 2016, at the Commando 3 ceremony, Dick Goodwin told me he needed help to organise the Back To The Beaches trip in June 2017 for the World War II British veterans. I just said YES!

And so began one of the most demanding tasks of my life, as Co-ordinator in France. I had been personally involved with the veterans since 2002, but this was to be even more challenging.

As a little girl, I already had an unconscious interest in WWII, and in recent years I learnt about my family history in an occupied region; it finally made sense.

We owe the veterans a lot - our freedom to start with - and it seems natural for me to try and give them back a tiny bit of what they gave us.


I relate to the veterans and feel in harmony with them.

Thanks to the combined selfless actions of the committee members, taxi drivers and other volunteers like me, the veterans travel in the company of their comrades and they are pampered and happy.

I wish to carry on working alongside Ian Parsons and Dick Goodwin for as long as possible.”

Photo of Nathalie with WWII veteran Norman Bryant courtesy of Bernard Birien