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Honorary Secretary

Dick Goodwin

Dick grew up in North London and emigrated to Australia for two years with his family in the early 1970s. When he left school, Dick joined Camden Council as an apprentice electrician.


At the age of 20, Dick joined the London Metropolitan Police, where he spent the next 17 years until he was retired due to a back injury.


Dick then decided on a career in photography, during which he chose to concentrate on veterans’ events. His father had served in the Royal Artillery during WWII, landing on Sword Beach in the early hours of D-Day, which inspired Dick to meet other veterans and learn their stories.

Dick became involved with the Taxi Charity in 2004 and was invited onto the committee in 2006. Two of his uncles were London cabbies and he has always had an admiration and affection for the trade.


Dick has been instrumental in revitalising the bucket collections and has organised many of the charity trips, including those to France, Holland, Germany and Belgium.

Liaising with his many contacts both here and abroad, he is committed to the continued recognition and support of our veterans.
He is also passionate about the future and how our current veterans will need all the help and support charities such as ours can provide. Their circumstances and injuries are vastly different from those of previous conflicts and need careful and considerate attention.

To contact Dick Goodwin:

Dick Goodwin from Taxi Charity at Downin
201909 Ian Parsons and Dick Goodwin from
Dick Goodwin from Taxi Charity at Downin
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