Wonderful endorsements from the 'Friends of the Taxi Charity' Facebook Group

A huge thank you to those people that have taken the time to write kind words on the Friends of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans Facebook Group...

Thank you to the Taxi Charity for all that you do to support veterans throughout the year including the Festival Of Remembrance this Year.

Stephanie Hardie

11 Nov 2020

Frank Ashleigh, glider pilot, expressed his enormous gratitude to the Glider Pilot Regiment Society and to the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans for arranging a wonderful morning at the Royal Albert Hall to film a segment for the Festival of Remembrance. It was a day to remember xxx 🌺

Jane Barkway-Harney - Chairperson, Glider Pilot Regiment Society

11 Nov 2020

Thanks to the Taxi Charity who sent out so many cards and gifts to the veterans this year -what a great group they go that extra mile, whether or not in a taxi!xx

Mary Stewart - Hon. Secretary of The Spirit of Normandy Trust

6 Nov 2020

Well done you chaps, “Keep on Keeping on”... You have been diligent sending cards and gifts through this surreal time. The care and generosity of your charity has been second to none and is very much appreciated. We can only hope that many will still be fit enough to travel next year. A big Thank You.

Mary Stewart - Hon. Secretary of The Spirit of Normandy Trust

1 Nov 2020

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