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"I am so grateful to the Taxi Charity for making this happen for me" - Roy Smith

What a marvelous experience organised by the Taxi Charity. The team could not have done more to organise such a wonderful time for me. At 97 years old, it is some undertaking to get me to the Netherlands, and the charity got me there in style and comfort - I felt like a celebrity. Having not spoken about my experiences of the war for over 70 years, I realised there are not many of us veterans left to keep the stories relevant to the younger generations.

Events like the Liberation Day parade allow us to keep the memories of those young men who made the ultimate sacrifice alive. I had never returned for the liberation events, and having being captured at Arnhem, in Operation Market Garden, I always felt I had let the Dutch people down. However, attending this event, celebrating liberation with the people of the Netherlands, I met many Dutch people who thanked me, and thus changing my mindset of what I had done.

What the young men and myself did all those years ago means so much to the people there and I now feel I helped be part of gaining their freedom.

I loved the party atmosphere of the visit and it has given me a new lease of life, I am so grateful to the Taxi Charity for making this happen for me - I will never forget this experience.

A special mention should go to Micky, my driver, who drove us everywhere in comfort, pushed me around in my wheelchair and was on hand for anything I needed. Without the charity, this would never have happened for me, I will always be grateful.

Roy Smith


I would like to thank everyone involved in the Taxi Charity for making our trip to the Netherlands for the liberation celebrations possible. My father, Roy, thoroughly enjoyed himself and will live on these memories for a long time. He loved meeting all the people, young and old, and the tour has lifted his spirits, hopefully for a long time to come.

The dedication and care shown by all involved in the charity was second to none and has made an old veteran feel very special, and a daughter very proud. Thank you all for making this experience happen for my family.

Linda Harvey

Roy’s daughter/ carer

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