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Why the Taxi Charity has been nominated for a National Lottery Award: Dave and Stan (Video 8/10)

We are so proud to have been nominated for a National Lottery Award. We were nominated because of our 'Return Of The Liberators' trip to Arnhem in 2015, when 92 volunteer taxi drivers transported 120 WWII veterans plus their spouses or carers on a memorable five-day trip to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands.

We want to give an idea of what we're about as a charity. Over the next ten days, we'll post a short video each day about the trip, the charity, the collectors, the cabbies and the war veterans we help.

Often our drivers become quite close to the war veterans they take on trips. Here is one of our long-standing drivers, David Webb, talking about the veteran he has taken to The Netherlands several times, Stan Daines. We also hear Stan talking about the Taxi Charity.

If you want to watch the other videos in this set, you can visit our Return of the Liberators page.

Please get behind us! It's really easy to vote. We're hoping to get our volunteer drivers and veterans the recognition they deserve.

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