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Video: The heroes of Operation Market Garden - A message to the Netherlands

As the Taxi Charity was unable to take veterans to the Netherlands to attend this year's Battle of Arnhem commemorations, Roger Beets, chairman of the Airborne Commemoration Foundation, asked if a short film, with messages from Operation Market Garden veterans, could be made in time for the start of their commemoration period on 1 September.

The commemorations in the Arnhem/ Oosterbeek area run for most of September, with the official Airborne weekend of commemorations being on 17-19 September.

Joe Cartwright and Jon Cox travelled across the country and filmed messages from eight veterans.

This video was shown at Hartenstein Airborne Museum on Wednesday 1 September in front of the Airborne Region mayors and organisers, and afterwards it received a huge round of applause. There were "goosebumps all over” according to Roger Beets.

The video will have Dutch subtitles added and will be presented to the organisers to show at their commemoration venue at the Airborne weekend.

It is also available to view on the Airborne Commemoration Foundation website:


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