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Roy Miller: I fought kamikaze crew, Sunday People

Navy gunner Roy 'Doug' Miller fought off Japanese suicide planes from aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable.

Roy said: "We had several brushes with the kamikazes, it was terrifying. Everyone was subjected to fear, but you had a discipline about you.

The kamikazes were very committed, and while it might be an off concept to us to commit suicide for your country, they believed they were being loyal to their emperor."

Roy, 96, from Croydon, London, joined up in 1940 at 15 and served on minesweeper HMS Bramble in the Arctic convoys to Russia.

He was transferred to Indomitable weeks before Bramble was sunk by a German destroyer in the Barents Sea in December 1942.

Roy said: "I consider myself lucky to be alive."

Roy is supported by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans who are delivering commemorative tins to the ex-servicemen for VJ Day.


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