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WW2 veterans prove you're never too old to skydive, Forces TV

Skydiving for charity is nothing unusual - but skydiving at the age of 90 is. Two second world war veterans did just that for the Taxi Charity, at Old Sarum Airfield in Wiltshire. Ted Pieri and Fred Glover, both 90, launched themselves out of the side of a plane at 12,000 feet. The Second World War veterans were in the Paras, with Ted fighting in Arnhem and Fred in Normandy. More than seventy years later, they jumped again, in the safe hands of the Red Devils display team. The Taxi Charity has organised trips for injured veterans to European battlefields – with a fleet of cabs transporting them to sites including Merville Battery in Normandy, and Arnhem. Events like these led to the charity winning the UK’s best charity project at the national lottery awards. They already have plans for a skydive in Normandy on next year’s D-Day anniversary.

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