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Fast Eddie's Blog: Blackfriars Collection

Hello out there,

As you may know, we had our final collection yesterday (30 April 2015) at Blackfriars. Well, I say collection but it was more like an event!

We had the Royal British Legion there reporting and making a film, as well as the National Lottery representatives doing more or less the same thing.

Our patron Vice-Admiral Sir Adrian Johns was also there to cheer us along.

We adjourned to The Blackfriars Pub for lunch and a drink. We then went out into the garden area, which is on the main highway, and had a bit of a singsong, with the veteran collectors singing all the old wartime numbers.

Danny, our star turn, was in good voice and it all went down very well. The public loved it! The collecting buckets were flying around and we collected over £5,000 on the day.

Since we started collecting for the Holland trip in November 2014, we have done 14 collections and collected a grand total of £73,168. HOW ABOUT THAT? Well done to our collecting team.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the great London public for being so generous and helping our veterans on their way to the 70th anniversary celebrations in Holland. Thanks everybody.

God bless you all...

Fast Eddie.

PS We've got loads more outings scheduled for the veterans during the forthcoming months, including our annual trip to Worthing. You can donate here.

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