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Fast Eddie's Blog: Collections Update

We held another collection at Bank underground station on Wednesday 22 April. It was another great day for the collectors, who took lots of lovely money for the charity. This was the penultimate collection before we travel to Holland on 2 May.

Thursday 30 April will be our final collection before the trip. We'll be at Blackfriars underground station.

By way of a little celebration and to say thank you to our collectors, we will cut short the collecting period and in the late afternoon, we will adjourn to The Blackfriar Pub for some refreshments, and one of our very enjoyable singsongs. We'll have music from our piper and a harmonica player. Danny (amongst others) will be singing and yours truly, Fast Eddie, might even give a song.

Why not come along, enjoy yourself, say thank you to our lads and maybe give a little?

That's it for now. More news shortly. Be careful out there.

Fast Eddie

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