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Fast Eddie's Blog: Collections Update

Hello my taxi troopers. First many thanks, yet again, to our team of collectors. We had two great days at London Bridge on 9 April and at Euston on 14 April. The boys are just little money magnets with another £11,464 in the pot for the Holland trip. Great stuff, lads! Just two more collections to go: Bank station on 22 April and Blackfriars on 30 April. I will see you all there.

To all you would-be donators out there, time flies so please don’t put it off any longer. You only have 15 days left to help the veterans on their way to Holland.

Raid your piggy banks, get out your cheque books, have a look under the mattress, do something worthwhile that makes you feel good... GIVE!

Thanks to the generous London taxi drivers, all unpaid, who are transporting our veterans group to Holland. The time is almost here.

The drivers' meeting to get trip matters finalised is taking place at Millwall Football Club on Tuesday 21 April.

So drivers - check your oil, pump up your tyres, we are on our way. Thank you all for a magnificent response. Be Lucky. I wish a safe journey to you all.

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