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  • Fundraiser Malcolm to parachute into Ranville in honour of Signalman Danny Lyons

    smock that he wore that day to do the jump and will then present the smock to the Pegasus Museum in Normandy other veterans, and he wants to ensure that all those veterans wishing to make the journey back to Normandy he raises from the jump will be split equally between the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and the Normandy

  • WWII veteran Alan King dies, aged 97

    D-Day weekend at the National Memorial Arboretum to witness the opening of the British Memorial in Normandy The East Riding Yeomanry was part of 27th Armoured Brigade for the Normandy Landings and the advance Andrew Wright, Normandy Veterans, said: "I first met Alan when he joined the Norwich branch of the Normandy I was fortunate to return with Alan to Cambes en Plaine war cemetery in Normandy where Corporal Louis piece of Suffolk and enjoyed Southwold but didn't wish to enter the sea because of his memories of Normandy

  • Veteran Reg Pye finds the French girl he has been looking for since WWII

    campaign launched by the Taxi Charity in June to find the young girl Reg had shared his food with in Normandy He landed on Sword beach on D-Day plus 14 and one night as he moved through Normandy, his convoy was During the annual Taxi Charity trip to Normandy in June 2022, volunteer taxi driver Paul Cook heard the French advisor, Nathalie Varnière, Huguette was finally found and earlier this month Reg travelled to Normandy I went back to Normandy about 50 years afterwards to try and trace her but unfortunately I wasn’t successful

  • A wonderful Christmas message from WWII veteran, Reg Pye

    We have received this Christmas message from WWII veteran Reg Pye, who joined us in Normandy in June sandwich to on a difficult day where we hadn't eaten, were tired and just arrived at a small village in Normandy Paul was busy that weekend so Josie mentioned it to a friend and without hesitation she came from Normandy Normandy veteran Reggie Pye Royal Engineers 224 Field Company 8th Corps xxx

  • Major James Corrigan RIP

    During WWII, he fought in Sicily and landed in Normandy on D-Day. He had three children, Alison, Michael and Bernard, and was a regular on Taxi Charity trips to Normandy He loved going back to Normandy with the Taxi Charity and was usually accompanied by his son Bernard. Nathalie Vee, who helps the Taxi Charity coordinate visits with veterans to Normandy, said: "This is My warmest condolences from Normandy to his family."

  • WWII veteran Roy Maxwell celebrates his 100th birthday, TAXI

    Ian: One of my favourites is from the charity’s ‘Back to the Beaches’ trip to Normandy in 2017. It was July 2016 and Roy was one of seven WWII veterans we had taken to Normandy in cabs. Does Roy join you regularly on trips to Normandy? On our 2019 trip to Normandy, we were invited to attend the official unveiling of the sound installation Will you be going to Normandy this year to commemorate D-Day? Ian: We certainly hope too.

  • Veterans to attend D-Day landings memorial service at the National Memorial Arboretum, TAXI

    The charity would normally take a group of WWII veterans to Normandy to mark this important date and Last year, we were unable to travel to Normandy and unfortunately this year travel restrictions mean Dick: We have been invited to an event on 6th June, hosted by the Normandy Memorial Trust and the Royal opening of the British Normandy Memorial in France. The Taxi Charity had been invited to the opening of the museum in Normandy, and we know our veterans

  • Downton resident jumps for veterans

    In Normandy for the D-Day commemorations, Malcolm had initially hoped to parachute into Ranville, as Danny Lyons and I wanted to ensure that all those WWII veterans wishing to make the journey back to Normandy final fundraising total of £7,400 equally between the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and British Normandy

  • D-Day 77 National Memorial Arboretum Itinerary

    We would normally take a group of WWII veterans to Normandy to mark this important date and remember Last year we were unable to travel to Normandy and unfortunately this year travel restrictions mean travel Drivers escort veterans and carers to The Battlefield Line at Shackerstone Station to climb aboard the 'Normandy There is to be a short service at the Normandy Memorial after the main service. Dinner at 7:30pm.

  • WWII veterans visit the Battlefield Line

    On Saturday 5 June, a group of WWII veterans were invited to enjoy an afternoon on the Normandy Flyer The veterans enjoyed a ride on a steam train which had been renamed the Normandy Flyer for this special The Normandy Flyer left Shackerstone station at 12:30pm on 5 June, in glorious sunshine, and travelled take WWII veterans to the National Memorial Arboretum on 6 June to watch the opening of the British Normandy cab drivers took the veterans to the National Memorial Arboretum to watch the opening of the British Normandy

  • A message of thanks from veteran collector, Tom Weatherall

    organised by the charity and have been taken to commemoration services, both here as well as Belgium, Normandy Tom Weatherall, BEM (ex-RAF) Standard Bearer (London and Middlesex) for Normandy Veterans Association

  • Tribute to 101-year-old veteran, Hector Duff

    Goodwin, Taxi Charity vice president, said: "Hector joined the Taxi Charity on its annual visit to Normandy Richard Paulinski, chairman of the Spirit of Normandy Trust, said: "Hector's military record is impressive About the Spirit of Normandy Trust The Spirit of Normandy Trust was founded in 1994 by the late General Peter Martin CBE to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Normandy campaign. The Spirit of Normandy Trust strives to ensure that every one of the individuals involved in D-Day and

  • TAXI talks with London cabbie Ron Geraghty

    We should have been at the opening in Normandy, but Coronavirus prevented that! atmosphere one bit as the assembled veterans watched the live link, from a very sunny Ver-sur-Mer in Normandy The Memorial in Normandy is situated high above Gold Beach, and it was a privilege to be with so many Doug served with the 6th Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers and went into Normandy after D-Day when the real heroes who deserve this medal are those that didn’t come back and are buried in graves in Normandy

  • Taxi Charity attends First In, Last Out: The Last Men of The 6th Airborne Division exhibition

    One of the 17 veterans featured is Bill Gladden, who will be joining the Taxi Charity in Normandy in

  • WWII veteran Major Ted Hunt on Connect Forces with Andy Reid, Linda Lusardi and Mike Osman

    Major Ted was a Captain with the Royal Engineers on D-Day, commanding 15 landing craft on Gold Beach in Normandy

  • "Your charity is quite remarkable in the way that it supports the veterans" - Marie Scott

    convey to your committee my most grateful thanks for arranging, yet again, a truly memorable visit to Normandy

  • WWII veteran Alfie ‘Fred’ Lee dies, aged 95

    seen him or heard from him for a long time and had no idea that we had both been involved in D-Day in Normandy being an important part of the Taxi Charity family, he was a popular member of the Surrey branch of the Normandy

  • With the D-Day veterans, Echo Magazine

    The article laments the fact that the pandemic has once again prevented our veterans from visiting Normandy

  • WWII veteran may miss liberation event over passport delays, Evening Standard

    Peter Smoothy, who served in the Royal Navy and landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, said his passport could be processed in time but was worried it will not even arrive before a similar journey to Normandy

  • "It was a fantastic weekend throughout" - John McClements

    say how much we appreciate the hard work and generosity that make it possible for occasions like the Normandy

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