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Fundraiser Malcolm to parachute into Ranville in honour of Signalman Danny Lyons

This September, Malcolm Dean will be parachuting into Ranville, France as near to Pegasus Bridge as allowed, recreating a drop that 19-year-old Signalman Danny Lyons did on 6 June 1944, as one of the 6th Airborne Signals.

Malcolm will be wearing Danny’s smock that he wore that day to do the jump and will then present the smock to the Pegasus Museum in Normandy.

Over the years, Malcolm became good friends with Danny and the rest of his family, as well as many of the other veterans, and he wants to ensure that all those veterans wishing to make the journey back to Normandy or the Netherlands are still able to.

So, with this in mind, any money that he raises from the jump will be split equally between the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and the Normandy Memorial Trust.

You can donate via Malcolm's Justgiving page:


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