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WWII veteran overwhelmed by tattoo

In 2022, WWII veteran Roy Maxwell was in Normandy for the D-Day commemorations with the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans. On 5 June, the charity brought a group of WWII veterans to a service at Pegasus Museum and after the service, Roy met Anthony Lang and his son. They spent some time chatting together and having their pictures taken.

Anthony Lang from Guildford said: "I have met Roy Maxwell many times during my Normandy trips for D-Day and last year Roy had just turned 100. While speaking to him, he noticed I had some WWII tattoos on my arm and was excited to see Piper Bill Millin tattooed above my wrist and was telling me that they knew one and other. When I promised Roy that I would have his portrait tattooed onto my arm, he was completely taken aback but it’s an absolute honour to wear him on my arm and tell his stories to everyone who will listen."

Jane Daneshfar-Nia, Roy Maxwell’s daughter, said: "Dad was delighted that Anthony had taken the trouble to find him and so flattered that he'd gone to the lengths of having the tattoo done. Roy was very impressed with the tattoo and astounded at the likeness."

Dick Goodwin, Vice President of the Taxi Charity, said: "101-year-old Roy Maxwell served with No4 Commando in June 1944, and as part of the 1st Special Service Brigade he landed on Sword Beach on D-Day. Our veterans always attract crowds of people who wish to speak with them whenever we escort them to the continent for commemoration services and we were delighted to receive a message from Anthony to say he wanted to share news of his tattoo with Roy."

About Roy Maxwell

Roy Maxwell was part of No4 Commando, who in June 1944, as part of the 1st Special Service Brigade, landed on Sword Beach. Roy was born in Rhyl, North Wales on 21 February 1922 and was brought up on his grandfather's farm. He married Tegwedd and they had a daughter Jane.


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