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  • TAXI interviews volunteer cabbies

    Holland, Taxi interviewed some of the cabbies who were volunteering for the week, driving veterans to The Netherlands He has been on many trips over the years including taking older veterans to The Netherlands and Normandy This year when the rest of the drivers’ head home, Ted and I will be staying out in The Netherlands a I have been on many trips with the Taxi Charity but for me nothing compares with being in The Netherlands My most memorable moment was on the trip to the Netherlands in 2012 when during the Gala Dinner the veterans

  • Walking better and standing taller, TAXI

    with volunteer Brian Heffernan regarding the recent Taxi Charity for Military Veterans’ visit to The Netherlands Tell us about your weekend with the Taxi Charity in the Netherlands... Frans is our man on the ground in the Netherlands and helps the charity coordinate their visits. Brian: We are back to the Netherlands at the end of March to see if travelling on the Eurostar might

  • Fundraiser Malcolm to parachute into Ranville in honour of Signalman Danny Lyons

    and he wants to ensure that all those veterans wishing to make the journey back to Normandy or the Netherlands

  • Tom Schaffer receives Dutch Liberation Medal

    Rob Arts, Military and Air Attaché and Deputy Defence Attaché, from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Next May, I will be travelling to the Netherlands with the Taxi Charity to celebrate the 75th anniversary The Dutch Liberation Medal is presented as a token of gratitude from the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to those men and women who contributed to the liberation of the Netherlands during WWII.

  • Happy 100th birthday, Alec! TAXI

    guy and in May I was happy to drive him and his two daughters, Sue Hall and Anne Bennett, over to the Netherlands He was in 181 Field Ambulance and was a medic in Africa and Italy before being sent to the Netherlands What were your highlights of the trip to the Netherlands?

  • WWII veteran Roy Maxwell celebrates his 100th birthday

    such a popular member of the Taxi Charity family and he has been with us on trips to Normandy and the Netherlands Roy Maxwell with Lieutenant Colonel Richard Piso, Military Attaché, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • The Taxi Charity reflects on the past 12 months

    The Taxi Charity was with a group of veterans in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands in March 2020 for the Dick Goodwin, vice president, Taxi Charity, said: "When we said our farewells to our friends in the Netherlands to mark D-Day in Normandy in June and to mark the Dutch Liberation and the Battle of Arnhem in the Netherlands involved in Operation Market Garden, died three weeks after returning home from our shortened trip to the Netherlands

  • Rest in peace Wilf Oldham MBE

    year, two Taxi Charity volunteers recorded an interview with Wilf and a message for the people of the Netherlands (Watch Wilf at 8m33) Frans Ammerlaan, from The Market Garden Foundation in The Netherlands, said: "Wilf

  • Prince Charles praises cab trade, TAXI magazine

    charitable work of the cab drivers when he met a much-loved taxi charity’s volunteers at the Ambassador of Netherland They explained to Prince Charles the reason why they were in the Netherlands, which was to drive veterans

  • Chairman, Ian Parsons, discusses all things Taxi Charity before stepping down this autumn, TAXI

    have played a major role at several landmark military anniversaries across the UK, as well as in The Netherlands of cards – those we created and those we received from a multitude of supporters in Normandy and The Netherlands I’ve been going to the Netherlands with the Taxi Charity since 2014, and I never cease to be amazed by

  • A message of thanks from veteran collector, Tom Weatherall

    charity and have been taken to commemoration services, both here as well as Belgium, Normandy and the Netherlands

  • Taxi Charity receives £18,000 funding from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

    anniversary events, including social occasions in the UK as well as trips to Normandy, Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Taxi Charity delivers VE Day commemorative tins to veterans

    would have been taking WWII veterans to 75th anniversary commemorations of the Dutch Liberation in the Netherlands Every year Harry joins the trips organised by the Taxi Charity to the Netherlands for the Arnhem commemoration

  • WWII veteran Ron Johnson interviewed by Dutch journalism students for film

    WWII veteran, Ron Johnson, was recently interviewed by two journalism students from the Netherlands.

  • Obituary: Major Edwin ‘Ted’ Hunt MVO

    In May 2022, Ted visited the Netherlands with the Taxi Charity for the Dutch Liberation celebrations His part in the building of the bridge was one of the major turning points in the liberation of the Netherlands

  • The Taxi Charity is celebrating its 75th anniversary, TAXI

    It would have been beyond anyone’s imaginings that drivers would be taking veterans abroad to the Netherlands

  • War vets enjoy Christmas party at Millwall FC, The Badge

    Rob Arts, Military and Air Attaché and Deputy Defence Attaché from the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • WWII vet receives Dutch Liberation Medal, The Badge

    Rob Arts, Military and Air Attache and Deputy Defence Attache from the embassy if the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • 100-year-old WWII veteran John Sleep has passed away

    Norfolks and took part in the fighting at Overloon and Venray in October 1944 in the south-east of the Netherlands John went on trips with the Taxi Charity to the Netherlands with other WWII veterans to remember those

  • Supporting veterans for 75 years

    funding allows, we hope to celebrate this amazing milestone not only with our traditional trips to the Netherlands

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