The Taxi Charity reflects on the past 12 months

Harry Rawlins in Oosterbeek
Harry Rawlins in Oosterbeek

When the UK went into the first Coronavirus lockdown on 20 March 2020, no one could have predicted that a year later the country would still be facing so many restrictions. The Taxi Charity has been looking back on the past year...

The Taxi Charity was with a group of veterans in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands in March 2020 for the reopening of the Airborne Museum when the lockdown was announced. The visit was immediately curtailed, and we headed home.

Dick Goodwin, vice president, Taxi Charity, said: "When we said our farewells to our friends in the Netherlands last March, who could have known that our annual trips with veterans to mark D-Day in Normandy in June and to mark the Dutch Liberation and the Battle of Arnhem in the Netherlands would be cancelled? We also had to commemorate the important 75th anniversaries of VE Day and VJ Day socially distanced in our own homes instead of being able to bring our WWII veterans together to mark these important occasions. I knew that for some of the veterans we had taken to Oosterbeek in March, that this would be the last opportunity they would have to visit their former battle areas and I had wanted to make the trip as special as I could for them. Sadly, WWII veteran Laurie (Lol) Martin, Airborne Signals, who was involved in Operation Market Garden, died three weeks after returning home from our shortened trip to the Netherlands."

WWII veteran, Harry Rawlins (pictured above), who took part in patrols during the liberation of France and Belgium, said: "The Taxi Charity has