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WWII Veteran: 'The Comradery In The SAS Was Like Nothing Else', Forces News

WWII veterans like Alec Borrie received a charity gift to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day

A WWII veteran of the SAS has described how he and his elite colleagues fought their way through Europe, operating behind enemy lines, causing mayhem and frustrating the German defences in the closing months of the Second World War. Alec Borrie, who at the time was the youngest member of the regiment, joined the 1 SAS in 1943 before parachuting behind the German lines during the Allied invasion of Europe. He was just 19 when the D-Day invasion got under way, and solemnly recalls that between his Battalion and 2 SAS, 320 men were lost as they fought their way through France - almost half the total number of the men on their books. Alec recalled: “The camaraderie in the SAS was like nothing else, anywhere. And it still is!" Alec is one of the 126 WWII veterans who received a limited edition VE Day 75 commemorative gift from forces charity, the Taxi Charity For Military Veterans, in celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE day. The token gifts, specially designed biscuit tins, were delivered in person to the veterans by black cab drivers as a thank you for their service and to bring a little extra cheer to them on the special day on Friday. The Taxi Charity For Military Veterans was established in the post war years, with an original mission to support veterans of the Second World War by providing assistance through the black cab, either by organising and driving disabled veterans on day-trips away, or by helping the vets get around in their day-to-day lives.

Those activities still exist in the charity’s purpose, but today, the trips are often further afield, including to battle sites in Normandy and Holland. They also organise lunches, bringing together veterans from not just WWII, but also from theatres including Malaya and the Falklands. One of the veterans receiving a biscuit tin this week is Alec Borrie... Cont'd


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