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WWII veteran receives Coronavirus injection

On 24 January 2021, WWII Royal Navy veteran, Ernie Davis, aged 95, received his Coronavirus vaccination in Romford, Essex

Taxi Charity volunteer, Brian Heffernan, added his name to the many London licensed taxi drivers who have supported the Taxi Charity by taking WWII veterans from across London and the South East for their Coronavirus vaccinations.

Brian took veteran Ernie Davis from Hornchurch to the Victoria Centre in Romford, for his injection.

Ernie joined the Royal Navy in 1943 and after involvement in the Atlantic and Russian convoys spent D-Day in the Channel patrolling for German U-Boats.

Cabbie, Brian, said: "It was a pleasure to collect Ernie and take him for his Coronavirus injection in Romford. The black cab is the safest way to travel during the pandemic, as we are partitioned from our passengers, and the cab can easily be cleaned between each journey. The Taxi Charity is delighted that most of the WWII veterans we support have either been vaccinated or have an appointment to receive the injection very soon. If they need a lift, we are very happy to take them, and the meter won’t be on!"


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