"The veterans are treated like the VIPs that they are" - Raymond Faulkner

"In his later years, dad enjoyed the camaraderie of the wonderful Taxi Charity for Military Veterans. They organise trips abroad and at home for veterans of all services. Dad has been with them to France, Holland, Belgium, Worthing, and Portsmouth several times. The veterans are treated like the VIPs that they are. They shed twenty years in age when they get together. I have been on a few trips as dad’s carer and it is truly humbling listening to their tales of past exploits."

Raymond Faulkner

Son of WWII veteran, Fred Faulkner’s son

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Top charity for vets! They conveyed me from Union Jack Club Waterloo to the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium. To take part with another top charity Waterloo Uncovered. Then the Taxi Charity took me