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The Taxi Charity celebrates 75 years supporting veterans

2023 will be a very special year for the Taxi Charity as we celebrate our 75th anniversary.

Who would have thought back in 1948 when a group of cab drivers got together in a London pub to discuss how they might be able to support veterans returning from WWII that their first meeting would lead to a charity that would remain dedicated to the welfare of veterans for 75 years?

Fast forward to today and the name of the charity may have changed over the years from the London Taxi Benevolent Association for War Disabled to the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, but the heart of everything we do will always be veterans and volunteer London cab drivers.

Over the years we have helped thousands of veterans. Those from the First World War are sadly long gone but we continue to work with veterans from all conflicts, including WWII, Korea, the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We have lots of plans to celebrate our 75th anniversary during 2023 and we hope people will come together to mark this incredible milestone and perhaps help us to raise £75,000 in our 75th year.


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