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Taxi Charity hosts lunch for three veterans celebrating their 100th birthdays

Three veterans will be guests of the Taxi Charity at a lunch on 15 August to celebrate their 100th birthdays

On 15 August, the 74th anniversary of V-J Day, veterans Jeffrey Haward, Ray Whitwell and George Parsons will assemble with a group of fellow heroes for a lunch at the Union Jack Club in London to celebrate their 100th birthdays.

The lunch will see a group of veterans celebrate with the birthday boys, including 101-year-old Albert Gardner who served with the Royal Engineers and West African Frontier Force.

Jeffrey Haward was born 28 July 1919 and served in the 1/7th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment, 51st Highland Division.

Ray Whitwell was born 19 March 1919 and served in the Royal Army Service Corps, 1st Airborne Division.

George Parsons was born 10 August 1919 and served in 9th (City of London) Fusiliers, No. 2 Commando.

Notes to Editors

Jeffrey Haward, recipient of the Military Medal, is the subject of the book "Fighting Hitler From Dunkirk to D-Day".

Ray Whitwell will be travelling to Arnhem in September with the Taxi Charity.


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