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"I have just had a fantastic long weekend in Waterloo, Belgium" - Martin Jones

I have just had a fantastic long weekend in Waterloo, Belgium. The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans took veterans and serving soldiers over to Waterloo to be part of Waterloo Uncovered which is excavating Hougoumont Farm and which featured in the 1815 battle.

The cabbies have been very kind, generous and understanding of our own difficulties. I have just been driven straight to the Union Jack Club, London. So from Waterloo to Waterloo in a black cab! This was via the channel tunnel of course! Which was not an option in 1815.

Thanks to Karl who got myself and John from Waterloo to channel tunnel French side. And to Danny for the very swift run from channel tunnel French side straight to Waterloo London. There were 7 black cabs and 1 white one - thanks to all their drivers for their help.

Well done to all involved.

Martin Donald Jones

(via Facebook)

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