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Hannah O’Sullivan hosts Q&A with two inspirational WWII veterans for International Women’s Day 2023

On 6 March 2023, the Taxi Charity held a special event at the RAF Club to mark International Women’s Day.

Former Sky and CNBC Europe main anchor, Hannah O’Sullivan, from Host Media Communications, hosted an enlightening Q&A with veterans, Mildred Schutz and Marie Scott. Mildred served with the Special Operations Executive, and Marie, as a WREN, transmitted messages to and from the beaches on D-Day. They both spoke to Hannah about their experiences during WWII.

Hannah then spoke with guests from the Netherlands: Hiljte Van Eck who was awarded a BEM for her work with veterans; Sophie ter Horst, daughter of the Angel of Arnhem; and Els Schiltmans from the Dutch Army Recovery and Identification Unit.

A huge thank you to Hannah for hosting the Q&A, and for providing us with this wonderful video:


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