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Fred Lee: Tears for long-lost bruv, Sunday People

Two sailor brothers survived invasions on both Allied fronts during the war.

Stoker Alfie 'Fred' Lee, 94, and late sibling Frank were at D-Day in 1944 and the liberation of Rangoon from the Japanese - Operation Dracula - in 1945.

But the moment he remembers most is being reunited with Frank in 1945 after a five-year separation.

Fred's frigate HMC Nith stopped at Bombay to pick up landing craft - one of which turned out to be his brother's.

Fred, of Hook, Hants, said: "I felt such relief as I had no idea he was alive. There were tears I can tell you."

Both brothers survived the war, along with two older brothers, Robert, also in the Navy, and Eric, a Para.

Fred is supported by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans who are delivering commemorative tins to the ex-servicemen for VJ Day.


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