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Anne's helping hand made me a Chelsea Pensioner, Local Hero, Chat Magazine

We were delighted to see Taxi Charity volunteer, Anne Parsons, feature in the Local Hero section of Chat magazine, as nominated by WWII veteran, Harry Rawlins. Anne says she’s going to treat Harry to lunch with the £50 prize money!


Harry Rawlins, 96, from West London, says:

I'm nominating my Taxi Charity volunteer Anne Parsons as my Local Hero.

I became friends with Anne, then 66, in June 2019. We were on a trip to Normandy organised by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.

The charity organises outings and gives support to military veterans all over the UK.

Later, when COVID-19 hit, Anne formed a bubble with me during the pandemic, along with her husband.

Thanks to them, I wasn't lonely. They helped with my shopping, took me to my vaccine appointments and called in on me often.

With none of my family living nearby, Anne's support was invaluable.

But her helping hand didn't stop there...

Anne became increasingly worried about me living alone, and wanted to see what she could do.

As a World War Two veteran, Anne discovered I was eligible to move into the Royal Hospital Chelsea, in London.

And last November, she helped me secure my spot as a Chelsea Pensioner.

Now I'm happily settled there with all the other Chelsea Pensioners, having a brilliant time.

Thanks for being a great friend, Anne!


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