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Five fundraising London cabbies to be supported by Be Military Fit as they lose 25 stone

The group of five London cabbies, known as Cabbies Do Kilimanjaro, are delighted to announce the support they will be receiving from Be Military Fit (BMF) on their year-long mission to shed 25 stone and then climb Kilimanjaro while raising £20,000 for the Taxi Charity.

Be Military Fit has generously given the cabbies a year's free training and support to help them get fit and shed the pounds ahead of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2019.

John Dillane, one of the cabbies says: "The 60 minute training sessions with Be Military Fit are certainly very hard work but it is doing me so much good and my fitness is improving every week. I have already lost two stone and with the help of BMF I hope to have lost another four stone before we climb Mount Kilimanjaro next September."

About Be Military Fit

Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, BMF tailor their workouts for all abilities. BMF workouts were originally developed to keep some of the fittest individuals on the planet in top shape. The workouts were so good, BMF thought it was selfish to keep this secret to themselves and developed and deployed the “civilian friendly” version you’ll find at your local BMF class.

Special Offer

Be Military Fit is offering three months free membership to all serving personnel and military veterans, as well as 25% discount to all cabbies choosing to take out BMF monthly memberships.

Photos from the Cabbies Do Kili's first training session with BMF:

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