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Taxi Charity features in London Taxi Radio podcasts

The Taxi Charity has recently featured in two podcasts, courtesy of London Taxi Radio.

Cabbie and reporter, Mark Wakely, contacted the Taxi Charity, and went on to meet with veterans and committee members.

The result was two features which are now available on the London Taxi Radio website, as well as iTunes and Mixcloud.

The first programme is a 10-minute feature about Waterloo Uncovered and the Taxi Charity's involvement with the project. Mark interviews Afghanistan veteran and triple amputee, Matt Weston, and volunteer cabbie, Dave Hemstead, about their recent trip to Belgium with Waterloo Uncovered.

Mark's piece starts around the 1:41:00 mark.

The second piece is an hour-long special about the Taxi Charity. Mark interviews veterans, trustees and committee members of the Taxi Charity about the past, present and future work of the charity.

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