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Please help find Harry Bailey's WWII medals

We are elated to report hat Harry has been reunited with his medals. He is such a wonderful man and would do anything to help anyone. We were devastated when we initially heard the news about his lost medals. We are all very happy for him now that he has them back. And a big thank you to everyone that took the time to share Harry's plight via social media.

Harry Bailey, along with a number of other WWII veterans, attended a passing out parade at Hendon Police College on Friday 11 March 2016.

Unfortunately, Harry, aged 92, lost four of his treasured medals on his way home, somewhere between Hendon and Bellingham.

Taxi Charity committee member, Dick Goodwin, went on Gaby Logan's radio show at the weekend to appeal for the return of Harry's medals, and Twitter and Facebook is abuzz with people sharing the story.

The lost medals are the standard four that most servicemen who fought in NW Europe received: 1) The War Medal

2) The Defence Medal

3) The 39-45 Star

4) The France and Germany Star

Please help Harry get his medals back.

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