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Taxi Charity in the press: News Shopper, 14 December 2015

Where do they get the energy?': Daredevil war veterans, all over 90, take flight thanks to Erith man's donation

An 89-year-old daredevil from Erith, who most recently jumped out of a plane in September, is helping ten fellow war veterans, all in their nineties, take flight.

Ted Pieri donated £1,700 to the Taxi Charity after his recent jump with the Red Devils - some 70 years after he first gained his wings.

Thanks to the grandad's fundraising efforts, ten fellow adrenaline junkies, whose ages are more than 900 years, can take part in a gliding day with the charity next year.

Mr Pieri said: "The Red Devils were a wonderful set of lads and they made me feel immensely proud to be part of the airborne forces.

"I have experienced first-hand the Taxi Charity's wonderful work - they make so much difference to people lives.

"I would have liked to thank everyone who supported me personally not only for the money, but for the tremendous number of amazing comments I received.

"They were inspiring and emotional in equal measure and I am very grateful to everyone. Thank you and happy landings."

Charity committee member Dick Goodwin said at a recent auction, 95-year-old George Parsons bid for a flight in a glider.

He added: "The only problem was, we had requests from nine other vets all aged over 90 who asked if they could also go along, so we will now be organising a gliding day for this lot in the spring.

"Where do they get the energy from?"

Mr Pieri joined the Royal Army Service Corp as a volunteer in 1943 - and did his first sky dive the next year.

He played a part in the Battle of Arnhem, and spent time working in Palestine and Gaza.

The Taxi Charity relies on black cab drivers to provide their taxis and time for free, as many recently did for on VJ day, and the support of the general public.

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