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Taxi Charity in the press: de Gelderlander - 29 April to 4 May 2015

Our veterans' trip to Arnhem might not have featured in the British press (aside from a piece in the Evening Standard), but it certainly didn't get ignored by the Dutch press. Here are some press clippings from the Arnhem edition of de Gelderlander newspaper and website.

The Dutch press wrote about our veterans impending arrival in an online piece published on 29 April 2015:

Then they gave their readers an update on 3 May 2015, whilst our veterans were in Arnhem during the liberation celebrations:

And our guys made it into the print edition on 4 May 2015, including a fantastic photo of one of our veterans saluting through the taxi window, as the convoy of taxis arrive at the Bronbeek Military Home in Arnhem. There was even a cheeky little snippet about the fact that the veterans brought their own tea:

The 160 British WWII veterans that came yesterday to Arnhem for the commemorations of the liberation brought their own English tea bags. They don't trust our tea says Frans Ammerlaan of the Market Garden Foundation.

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