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Taxi Charity News: When Anthea Turner met our veterans

We had a great day collecting at London Bridge station yesterday. Our veterans were out in full force, serenading the ladies and turning on the charm.

And we caused a bit of a stir on Twitter when the lovely Anthea Turner stopped by, snapped a selfie with our very own Vic and then posted it to her Twitter account, saying:

"Just paid my Uber penance at Piccadilly station @taxicharity best collectors ever xx"

(She later clarified she was on her way to Piccadilly via London Bridge).

Just two days previously, she had confirmed via Twitter that her Uber account had been hacked and that she was less than impressed with the Help section on the Uber website.

London taxi drivers rallied to the cry of her tweet, thanking her for her support of the Taxi Charity (and berating her for using Uber in the first place).

A great day all round: we collected lots more donations for our Return of the Liberators trip to Holland, our Twitter feed was abuzz and we have a lovely new Twitter follower, in the form of Anthea Turner...

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