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Press Release: WW2 veteran completes parachute jump at the age of 89

An 89 year-old World War 2 veteran has undertaken a parachute jump for charity, 70 years after first gaining his wings.

Edward ‘Ted' Pieri, who turns 90 next May, last leapt from a plane in 1944 with the 250 Light Composite Company 1st Airborne. Now he has fulfilled his ambition to jump from a plane again with the Red Devils.

"I have been wanting to do a parachute jump again for some time now. Ideally I would have liked to jump on my own as I had done during the war, however I recognise that is wasn't possible at my age.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the jump, as well as the great hospitality shown by the Red Devils. They were a marvellous credit to their Regiment and to themselves, making everyone feel at ease throughout the day.

"They were a wonderful set of lads and they made me feel immensely proud to be part of the airborne forces."

Ted took the leap at the Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury, the date coinciding with the 71st anniversary of the first Battle of Arnhem (17-26 September 1944). The Red Devils are the official parachute display team of The Parachute Regiment and the British Army.

The plucky veteran, from Erith near Dartford hopes to raise £1000 to support the work of The London Taxi Benevolent Association For War Disabled - known as the Taxi Charity - who have recently taken him on trips to Worthing, Folkestone and the Netherlands to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Arnhem.

One of Ted's supporters on his online My Donate page says, "Hi Ted I'm the cabbie who took you to War and Peace show. You're a top man Ted, all the best."

Drivers supporting the Taxi Charity recently offered their services to transport veterans across London during the recent VJ events, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan.

In order to fund outings, the charity seeks donations from the general public and organisations, and relies on volunteer London licensed taxi drivers to provide their taxis and time for free.

Ted can be sponsored at:


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