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Taxi Charity committee members accompany veterans to 73rd anniversary of Dieppe Raid

Taxi Charity Assistant Chairman (and London cabbie), Dave Hemstead, and Taxi Charity Vice President, Dick Goodwin, have accompanied veteran Roy Cadman (No 3 Commando) to Dieppe for the 73rd anniversary commemorations of the Dieppe Raid.

[Roy recently received the Légion d'honneur from the French government. Click here to read more about this honour].

Veteran Fred Walker was also supposed to join them but unfortunately had a hospital appointment so had to pull out at the last minute.

Also in Dieppe are veterans John White (No 3 Commando) and Alf Lonsdale (Royal Navy).

A service was held at 9pm on Tuesday 18 August 2015 at the Dieppe CWGC with veterans, town officials and officials from Newhaven, Sussex, where the raid left from. Many Canadian students also attended from the Canadian sites on the Somme where they have a student program and many students from Canada work at the sites as tour guides. Today there is a large service in Dieppe at Canada Square that all the dignities will attend. At 6:30pm this evening, there will be a service in Berneval-le-Grand, just east of Dieppe. This is where the No 3 Commando unit was tasked with knocking out a German coastal artillery battery on the eastern flank of the main landings. However, due to a chance encounter in the Channel with a German convoy, a large majority of the unit failed to make it ashore.

John White laid a wreath at the service at the Dieppe CWGC, and Roy and John will both lay wreaths today.


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