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Fast Eddie's Blog: News Round-Up

Hello again my taxi troopers,

Just a quick update on events. We have taken a little break from our public collections - the last one took place at Blackfriars on 30 April 2015.

Since then we have been enjoying some of the fruits of our collectors hard work. As you will be aware, since April we have had very successful trips to the Netherlands, Worthing and the Chalke Valley History Festival, which our veterans hugely enjoyed. Thank you to all those people who have been involved and to the general London public for their generosity which allows us to carry out our charity endeavours.

We have now resumed our collections with two days at St John’s Wood station on 16 and 17 July whilst the test match cricket was taking place at nearby Lord's cricket ground.

They were only short day collections - 8:00am to midday - but nevertheless we raised much needed funds for the Taxi Charity.

Photo: Bill Parr always first on parade

Photo: Bert and John joined us from The Royal Hospital Chelsea today

Photo: Jack at St John's Wood

Photo: Bill & Dickie

On Saturday 18 July, the charity was invited to the Rudolf Steiner Theatre in Baker Street, to attend 'A Grand Variety Night' on behalf of Prostate Cancer at UCH and the London Ex-Boxers Association.

A group of our veterans, including several from The Royal Hospital Chelsea were accompanied by Dick Goodwin (our Events Officer), Terry “Barking Bill” Ward (our Transport Officer) and yours truly (Vice President).

The artistes performing all gave their time free of charge. Several acts were tribute performances of stars of yesteryear, including Edith Piaf, George Formby, Alma Cogan and Hilda Baker. There was also a very good ventriloquist, a comedian, a female light opera singer who performed her act with a touch of comedy - all were very entertaining.

They were introduced by a great master of ceremonies who encouraged the audience to join in the singing. Our veterans enjoyed a fantastic evening.

Photo: Veterans Dickie Forrester and Charlie Jefferies looking wonderfully dapper outside the Rudolf Steiner Theatre

The next event we are attending will be The War & Peace Revival at Folkstone in Kent on Saturday 25 July. If you want to attend, please get in touch and we will see what we can do depending on transport that is available.

Following this, it is then back to work with collections at Waterloo station on Friday 7 August, and another on Friday 28 August at Blackfriars underground station.

That’s about all for now. Catch up with you later. Remember be careful out there.

Regards to you all.

Fast Eddie


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