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Roger Beets

Taxi Charity Ambassador

Retired Dutch businessman, Roger Beets, was asked to become a Taxi Charity ambassador in April 2023. Roger first met the Taxi Charity in 2012 when we took 196 WWII veterans, in 80 black cabs, to Arnhem and Oosterbeek. He had organised a warm welcome from hundreds of Oosterbeek residents who lined the streets, cheering and waving the Union Jack and Dutch flags. 

In recent years, Roger has advised and assisted our Dutch co-ordinator, Frans Ammerlaan, in organising the itineraries for our trips to Holland, including visits to points of historic interest, such as Bronbeek (the Dutch equivalent of Royal Hospital Chelsea), and cemeteries and memorials.

Roger has been active in the Dutch Airborne community for almost 30 years, starting off as a volunteer at a checkpoint of the internationally renowned Airborne March. After 12 years, he joined the board of the Police Sports Association – the organisers of the International Airborne March at Oosterbeek where he was responsible for communications, PR and fundraising.


He introduced the Taxi Charity to the march and ever since many WWII veterans have been greeted by the more than 35,000 participants of this annual commemorative event in memory of those who gave their lives during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. 

As chairman of the Airborne Commemorations Foundation, Roger is involved in the annual Airborne commemorations each September and is master of ceremony at the Airborne memorial service at the John Frost bridge at Arnhem. 

In 2019, during the 75th commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem, Roger met His Majesty King Charles III.

Taxi Charity reception Oosterbeek 2012.jpeg
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