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  • Taxi Charity takes 24 veterans to British Normandy Memorial

    Charity for Military Veterans was delighted to take the biggest group yet of veterans to the British Normandy Memorial This June, in a weeklong trip to Normandy for the D-Day commemorations, the Taxi Charity was finally able to bring a large group of veterans to pay their respects at the beautiful British Normandy veterans, to the British Normandy Memorial in Ver-sur-Mer on 4 June. About the British Normandy Memorial The British Normandy Memorial records the names of the 22,442 servicemen

  • Remembrance Day: Veteran recalls unorthodox landing in Normandy, BBC

    Veteran Bill Gladden's arrival in Normandy on D-Day took an unexpected turn as he found himself spread-eagled The BBC is currently working on the project with a number of partners including the Normandy Memorial

  • D-Day Commemorations, TAXI

    TAXI chats with Charity Vice President, Dick Goodwin, about the trip to Normandy in early June... We are indeed – on the 3rd of June we are taking a group of veterans to Normandy for the D-Day commemorations Dick: As we have not been able to travel to Normandy since 2019, the whole trip will be very special On our first day, we will be visiting the impressive British Normandy Memorial at Ver sur Mer. He flew into Normandy on a wooden glider which was so big that it carried a tank and eight motorbikes

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  • Our History | London | Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

    :30 am, 75 London taxi drivers were given the honour of assembling on Horse Guards Parade, with 150 Normandy Taxi Charity were invited to Clarence House by HRH Prince Charles. 2008 In May 2008, we returned to Normandy for a 4 day visit with 160 Normandy veterans in 95 London taxis. ​ 2012 In May 2012, we went to the In June, the charity escorted 25 WWII veterans on a trip to Normandy; and in July, 100 cabs took veterans The 6 June 2019 marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and our week-long trip to Normandy

  • Ben Mayne | London | Taxi Charity for Military Veteran

    battlefield historian and guide with a particular interest in the Second World War, specialising in Normandy

  • Dean Euesden | London | Taxi Charity for Military Veteran

    His first trip took him to Normandy for the D-Day commemorations, and he has been back to Normandy many

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