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WWII veterans' portraits to appear in exhibition at Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Beautifully photographed portraits of WWII veteran will be on display at The 3945 Portraits Project exhibition at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock.

The exhibition opens to the public on 20 October and runs until 5 January.

Photographer Glyn Dewis designed The 3945 Portraits Project to honour and remember surviving WWII veterans by photographing as many of them as possible, to provide both the veterans and their families with classic, timeless portraits they will treasure and that can remain in their families for generations to come.

Glyn comments: “The 3945 Project has been a joy to create. I have met some truly amazing WWII veterans and heard many stories, told with such humility, describing great acts of bravery. I hope that the pictures will be loved by the family of the veterans and perhaps educate current and future generations about the events of WWII and of those who served, survived and were lost, so that their memories and sacrifices are never forgotten and such events may never happen again.”

Photos courtesy of Glyn Dewis


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