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London Waterloo to the Waterloo Battlefield

Taxi Charity volunteer cab drivers take veterans and archaeologists to Belgium to support Waterloo Uncovered

The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans was once again delighted to support the charity Waterloo Uncovered by taking veterans and archaeologists from London to the site of the battle of Waterloo in Belgium.

Waterloo Uncovered enables veterans and serving personnel to undertake a programme of archaeology and welfare support, focusing on the five pillars of Recovery, Wellbeing, Transition into Civilian Life, Education and Employment, which fits perfectly with the Taxi Charity's ethos of supporting veterans from all conflicts.

This year, three London cab drivers who volunteer for the Taxi Charity offered to help in what has been a very special year for Waterloo Uncovered.

This July, the Waterloo Uncovered team made a significant find on the site of Wellington’s field hospital at Mont-Saint-Jean. Working at the site of the allied field hospital, the team found the intact skeleton of a soldier, lying amid ammunition boxes, medical waste and the bones of legs and arms, amputated by surgeons in their struggle to save the wounded.

London cab driver and Taxi Charity volunteer, Dave Hemstead, said: "This has been the third time that I have volunteered to go out to Belgium to support Waterloo Uncovered. Each time, I drive triple amputee Matt Weston, and over the years we have become good friends. The finds at Mont-Saint-Jean have been amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the discoveries being revealed inch by inch each day.”

Frances Wyhowska, Vice President, Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, said: “We are proud of our close relationship with Waterloo Uncovered and relish our work with the widest range of veterans of all ages. Any support we can give to those who have service-related injuries or PTSD is a privilege.”

Top Photo: London cab driver Dave Hemstead with veteran Matt Weston

Photo Gallery below courtesy of Dean Euesden.


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