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Major Peter Norton GC

Taxi Charity Ambassador

Major Peter Norton was awarded the George Cross for his bravery in the Al Bayaa District near Baghdad in 2005. 


Following an attack on a three-vehicle patrol using a massive command initiated improvised explosive device, a weapons intelligence team, commanded by Norton, was tasked to the scene and faced the complete destruction of a patrol vehicle and the deaths of four United States personnel.


Despite the unavailability of any US Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams and with a complete understanding of the potential hazard to himself, knowing that the insurgents had used secondary devices before, Norton went forward alone to conduct an initial check for further devices before he would allow his team to explore the scene.


A short while later, an explosion occurred and Norton sustained a traumatic amputation of his left leg and suffered serious blast and fragmentation injuries to his right leg, arms and lower abdomen.


Despite these grievous injuries, Norton remained conscious and concerned for the safety of his team, directing them to safe areas as they rushed to provide first aid.


Norton further refused to be evacuated from the scene until he had briefed them that he suspected further devices were present and received assurances that no further exploration would take place until an EOD team had cleared the area in daylight.


The next day a tertiary booby-trap device was discovered less than 10m away.

The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans is delighted to have welcomed Major Peter Norton GC as an ambassador for the charity in November 2022.

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Twitter: @petenortongc

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