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Johnny Gallagher

Taxi Charity Ambassador

London based entrepreneur and businessman, Johnny Gallagher, became a Taxi Charity ambassador in March 2023.


Johnny is a great supporter of the charity and really enjoys meeting the veterans and hearing their stories and in 2022, he very generously paid for the charity’s Christmas party.


In 2023, he hopes to join the charity on their annual visits to the Netherlands for Dutch Liberation and to Normandy for the D-Day commemorations, and is planning a huge celebration for hundreds of veterans to mark the charity’s 75th anniversary.


Growing up in Essex with a single mum and a sister, Johnny had his first part-time job aged 16 and left school at 18 to join a drainage company where he worked 12 hours a day for £50.


He went on to start five businesses and after multiple failures had a breakthrough and made his first million pounds when he was 23. Johnny owns the leading UK vitamin company, Starpowa.

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