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Darren Swift

Taxi Charity Ambassador

Darren Swift was injured by an IRA bomb in May 1991 while serving with the Army’s Dog Unit in Belfast.

He went through 18 months of recovery at Woolwich Hospital and Headley Court before opting to be discharged in 1992.

Darren went on several expeditions over the next few years, including canoe trips to the Arctic and a solo ‘trike ride’ around Iceland, won a gold medal at the 2003 British Championships after becoming one of the first ex-military amputee skydivers, and is an amputee snowboarding pioneer.

Darren has also had multiple successes as an actor, does TV and film extra work, and takes part in ‘casualty simulations’ in which he plays the role of an injured soldier to teach military and emergency service personnel how to respond in critical situations.

Darren was also guest speaker at the Taxi Charity's annual veterans' trip to Worthing in June 2022, where he gave an emotional and inspirational talk. 

The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans is delighted to have welcomed Darren Swift as an ambassador for the charity in December 2022.

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