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  • Press photo call at Wellington Barracks on 12 February 2017

    For Military Veterans plus London black cabs and 12 guardsmen selected from the Welsh, Coldstream, Scots

  • Recording of veteran Joe Hoadley performing a Scottish folk song on his harmonica

    In celebration of Burns Night, here is a recording of 92 year old veteran Joe Hoadley performing the Scottish folk song, ‘The Scottish Soldier’ on his harmonica, at a music night organised on behalf of the Taxi Source: Veterans Road Trip #JoeHoadley

  • Poppy Cabs raises £6,000 for good causes

    The Royal British Legion, Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and Sight Scotland Veterans (formerly Scottish £3,470 to the Royal British Legion, £2,300 to the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and £500 to the Scottish represented by several taxi trade organisations, garages, green huts and refreshment locations, as well as many On the actual day, there are many drivers, knowledge students and family members who marshal the event

  • Tribute to 101-year-old veteran, Hector Duff

    He was awarded many gongs during his lifetime, but we will remember him as a very humble man who extended battle-hardened group who fought in all the main European theatres of the Second World War, and for many Hector set an example to which many could only aspire. Gary Roberts, chief constable of the Isle of Man Constabulary, said: "Hector was many things to many "In company with many of his peers, Hector seldom, if ever, spoke about his wartime experiences until

  • Obituary: Tom Schaffer 25 April 1926 - 16 March 2024

    drivers like Brian pick me up from my home and without them I would not be able to participate in so many Next May, I will be travelling to the Netherlands with the Taxi Charity to celebrate the 75th anniversary For many years, he was part of our veteran collection team, raising thousands for the charity he loved He will be greatly missed by so many." Top left photo courtesy of Glyn Dewis

  • Dunstable D-Day hero receives Légion d’Honneur on anniversary of Normandy invasion, Luton Today

    WWII veteran Doug Baldwin, of the 6th Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers, was presented with the World War Two veteran Doug Baldwin, of the 6th Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers, was presented I served with the 6th Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers, and we went into Normandy after D-Day "We lost so many during this conflict and the real heroes who deserve this medal are those that didn’ Under normal circumstances the Taxi Charity take veterans back to Normandy each year to mark D-Day.

  • The Taxi Charity is celebrating its 75th anniversary, TAXI

    the Bedford Arms in Fulham, no one could have foreseen that it would develop into such a key part of many has become, not only by the veterans, but other larger charities such as the Royal Naval and Royal Marines Soldiers’ Charity, (formerly the Army Benevolent Fund), the RAF Benevolent Fund, Blind Veterans UK and many many more. Our charity relies heavily on donations and we plan to mark our 75th anniversary with events for veterans

  • 500 Not Out, TAXI!

    I’ve been with the charity to Arnhem and Normandy on their organised trips many times. Jeff Haward MM, 102 “For many years, my regular driver was my good friend and fellow Kent resident, cabbie Gary Mankelow. Harry Rawlins, 95 “I have been involved with the Taxi Charity for three or four years and have met so many

  • Obituary: WWII veteran Roy Maxwell died in hospital on 4 April 2023 at the age of 101

    He married Tegwedd and they had a daughter Jane. In later years when Tegwedd’s health did not allow her to travel, Roy enjoyed many holidays with his He is loved by so many, and was a true gentleman, a man of integrity and a wonderful father and grandfather He joined us on many trips of commemoration to the Netherlands and Normandy and he was known for his

  • Surrey village maintains 74 year tradition for Taxi Charity

    His wife Sue, 74, is a relative newcomer, having only moved to the village when the couple married 56 Taxi Charity first brought veterans to the village in 1948 in black cabs, we were amazed to see so many “In the early days, many of the veterans were from WWI and were sometimes so badly injured that they “For many, the date of the Taxi Charity visit is the village highlight. The faces of the volunteer cab drivers and the veterans we bring with us may have changed over the last

  • TAXI interviews volunteer cabbies

    As the cabbies and veterans assembled at Harwich on 2 May for their ferry crossing to the Hook of Holland He has been on many trips over the years including taking older veterans to The Netherlands and Normandy I really appreciate that when we are out in the areas where they fought during WWII, they share so many Mike: I have made so many friends amongst the drivers and veterans and it is a pleasure to volunteer. I love driving the vets, the older guys have seen so many changes in the world and have some excellent

  • D-Day veteran celebrates 100th birthday, TAXI

    He is such a wonderful man who has always been a hugely important part of so many trips with us to Normandy He loves painting and many of us have portraits of our pets that he's done for us. Soldiers, Airmen, sailors, Airborne and Marines, Who in civvy life were tailors, and men who worked machines The battle raged in Normandy, Many lives were lost, The war must end in victory, And this must be the

  • Chairman's Blog: A September to remember

    annual Airborne Walking March, known as Wandeltocht; the second was to attend various commemorations marking Ron Johnson, Glider Pilot Regiment, and Geoff Roberts, King's Own Scottish Borderers, both spoke to the the Hartenstein Airborne Museum where they could view the thousands of marchers as they passed by, many Many drivers and companions from our group took part in the march including the family of the late Ian Many hundreds more lined the outside perimeter area to pay their respects.

  • Taxi Charity takes veterans to the Netherlands for annual Operation Market Garden commemorations

    There were many highlights over the weekend but I think seeing Tom and John’s faces when they were asked Frans Ammerlaan, Taxi Charity ambassador and treasurer of the Market Garden Foundation, said: "For many

  • WWII veterans enjoy event hosted by Taxi Charity at Biggin Hill

    Hearing and seeing the Spitfires take off and land, and listening to war time songs, many synonymous pandemic coupled with the cost of living crisis has left thousands of charities, including ours, with many

  • Videos: The Taxi Charity talks with WWII veterans about their role in Operation Market Garden

    September 2022 marks the 78th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, an Allied military operation during The operation succeeded in liberating the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Nijmegen along with many towns

  • TAXI chats to Brian Heffernan, the new chairman of the Taxi Charity For Military Veterans

    I am very fortunate that we are supported by a group of incredible London taxi drivers and many volunteers Do people realise that you work with so many different veterans? Brian: That’s a good point. So many people still think that a veteran is an old person wearing a blazer covered in medals and that a cost of living crisis which will see most people having to reassess how they spend any money they may Over the last seven years, I have sadly been to too many WWII veteran funerals, but God willing there

  • "I am so grateful to the Taxi Charity for making this happen for me" - Roy Smith

    Having not spoken about my experiences of the war for over 70 years, I realised there are not many of However, attending this event, celebrating liberation with the people of the Netherlands, I met many

  • Chairman's Blog: Taxi Charity volunteers enjoy afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace

    proud, historic moment for our charity – and it’s all thanks to the dedication and hard work of our many The parties, which are held during May, are used by the Palace to recognise and reward public service how many, but it’s over 25 years). Many have done so much more for which I feel truly humble. The foundation stone laid so many years ago has been honoured by those that followed.

  • Supporting veterans for 75 years

    2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, a remarkable milestone for charity celebrates its 75th birthday, I pay tribute to the wonderful service it has provided for so many of this country's veterans over so many years. At the heart of the charity are the cabbies who give so freely and cheerfully of their time - long may

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