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  • Taxi Charity distributes hundreds of Christmas cards to WWII veterans from Dutch children

    The Taxi Charity was delighted to receive hundreds of Christmas cards from school children in the Netherlands cards are beautiful and include lovely warm messages thanking the veterans for giving the people of the Netherlands

  • Major James Corrigan RIP

    children, Alison, Michael and Bernard, and was a regular on Taxi Charity trips to Normandy and the Netherlands I was lucky enough to accompany dad to the Netherlands with the Taxi Charity on the 'Return of the Liberators said: "I first met James in 2015 when I was his driver on our 'Return of the Liberators' trip to the Netherlands

  • Operation Market-Garden, TAXI

    The Market Garden Foundation which aims to keep alive the memory of what Great Britain did for the Netherlands Frans: My name is Frans Ammerlaan, I’m 68 and I live in The Netherlands, five miles south of the Arnhem I work with the Taxi Charity to facilitate trips for WWII veterans to The Netherlands. What do the people of The Netherlands think of the Taxi Charity? Tell me about the special relationship between the Netherlands and the veterans?

  • Ron Johnson says thank you to the Dutch people on his 100th birthday

    Ron Johnson, took time out from his 100th birthday celebrations to say thank you to the people of the Netherlands

  • Rest in peace Wilf Oldham MBE

    year, two Taxi Charity volunteers recorded an interview with Wilf and a message for the people of the Netherlands (Watch Wilf at 8m33) Frans Ammerlaan, from The Market Garden Foundation in The Netherlands, said: "Wilf

  • Renkum has an answer to the veterans, renkum.nieuws.nl

    Renkum, The Netherlands – The video with the message from the veterans in which they stated that they much prefer to be in the Netherlands with their friends, made a great impression.

  • WWII veteran Ron Johnson celebrates his 100th birthday

    Frans Ammerlaan, treasurer of the Market Garden Foundation, said: "The Netherlands based Market Garden Richard Piso, Dutch Military and Air Attaché, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, said: "A 100th milestone; however, we should remember it in conjunction with your contribution to the liberation of the Netherlands As you celebrate your birthday, we will ensure that everyone in the Netherlands is remembering and respecting

  • Video: The heroes of Operation Market Garden - A message to the Netherlands

    As the Taxi Charity was unable to take veterans to the Netherlands to attend this year's Battle of Arnhem

  • Chairman's Blog: A big thank you to the Mayor of the Municipality of Renkum

    committee members, drivers and other volunteers, who each year help us bring our WWII veterans to the Netherlands ceases to amaze me and it has been so sad that it has not been possible to bring the veterans to the Netherlands We look forward to the return of better days and hope to return to the Netherlands in 2022 - proudly

  • WWII veteran receives Dutch Liberation Medal

    Walter Knight, 96, from Coventry, served in the Netherlands with the 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders Each May, we take a group of WWII veterans back to the Netherlands to mark the Dutch liberation and it Lieutenant Colonel Rob Arts said: “After 77 years, the people of the Netherlands still daily celebrate When asked for memories of his time in the Netherlands ,Walter said: “When we first got to Holland, two to those men and women who contributed to the liberation of the Netherlands during WWII.

  • WWII veteran Alan King dies, aged 97

    I also managed to get Alan accepted to the Stichting Nederland Amerika pilgrimage in the Netherlands,

  • Chairman's Blog: A final goodbye to my old taxi

    shared many memorable times together with the Taxi Charity, beginning with a trip in May 2014 to the Netherlands

  • Cabbie Claire Zazzara talks to TAXI!

    Hopefully, next year we will be able to take these wonderful veterans back to France and the Netherlands

  • Taxi Charity receives Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

    The charity arranges free trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, for acts of commemoration and

  • WWII veteran Harry Bailey, master of the collection bucket, dies aged 99

    Frans Ammerlaan, who helps to coordinate the charity trips to the Netherlands, recalls: "If Harry could We welcomed Harry many times to the Netherlands and I will never forget the moment he rattled the collection

  • Veterans to attend D-Day landings memorial service at the National Memorial Arboretum, TAXI

    outbreak of the pandemic required the Taxi Charity to return early from an event with WWII veterans in The Netherlands

  • The Taxi Charity reflects on the past 12 months

    The Taxi Charity was with a group of veterans in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands in March 2020 for the Dick Goodwin, vice president, Taxi Charity, said: "When we said our farewells to our friends in the Netherlands to mark D-Day in Normandy in June and to mark the Dutch Liberation and the Battle of Arnhem in the Netherlands involved in Operation Market Garden, died three weeks after returning home from our shortened trip to the Netherlands

  • London cabbies to attempt Three Peaks Challenge

    The charity arranges free trips to the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and days out to museums, concerts

  • 100-year-old WWII veteran John Sleep has passed away

    Norfolks and took part in the fighting at Overloon and Venray in October 1944 in the south-east of the Netherlands John went on trips with the Taxi Charity to the Netherlands with other WWII veterans to remember those

  • 101-year-old former Queen’s Bargemaster recalls joking with duke

    He saw out the war in Europe working on the engineering of water crossings in the Netherlands.