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New Chair and Vice Chair for the Taxi Charity

In May 2024, the Taxi Charity elected cab drivers Colin Mills and Paul Cook to lead the charity.

At a committee meeting in May, the Taxi Charity elected Colin Mills as its new Chair and Paul Cook as his Vice Chair. Colin had previously been Vice Chair and was elected unanimously to the position of Chair after the resignation of former Chairman, Brian Heffernan. At the same meeting, Paul Cook was elected unanimously as the Vice Chair.

London cab driver Colin Mills received his badge in March 1995 and started volunteering for the Taxi Charity in 2019. In that time, he has been on trips to Normandy and the Netherlands, and to events across the southeast.

London cab driver Paul Cook started volunteering in 2020 after hearing about the amazing experiences other cab drivers were having volunteering with the Taxi Charity. He was invited to join the Taxi Charity committee in January 2024.


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