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Itinerary for Navy Veterans Trip to Portsmouth

The Taxi Charity will be escorting a number of veterans to Portsmouth for a three day trip (10 - 12 April), funded and organised by the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity.

10 April 12:45 Arrive at Whale Island 13:00 Lunch in the Wardroom - meet the Fleet Commander 14:30 Historical branch visit in the Wardroom/ tour with Lt Cdr (rtd) Brian Witts 16:00 To Royal Maritime Club (RMC) and check-in.

19:00 Carvery dinner is in the main restaurant from 7pm.

11 April 07:00 Breakfast from 7am at RMC. Departing at 9:30.

10:00 Arrival at Southwick House Map Room and Basement 12:30 Lunch at the Churchillian on Portsdown Hill 15:00 Visit to the Spinnaker Tower and a cream tea with a view. Return to RMC. 19:30 Gala dinner in the Nelson Room - with guests.

12 April 07:00 Breakfast from 7am at RMC 09:30 Depart for HMS Warrior 10:00 Visit HMS Warrior including tot of Pussers rum 12:30 Depart for home.

Portsmouth Itinerary

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