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Taxi Charity escorts veterans to Netherlands for Remembrance and Liberation Day commemorations

Liberation Day parade

On 2 - 6 May 2018, 20 volunteer cabbies from the Taxi Charity escorted 34 WWII and Korean War veterans and their carers to the Netherlands for the Dutch Remembrance and Liberation commemorations.

On Wednesday 2 May, the veterans were chauffered to Harwich for the overnight ferry to the Hook of Holland.

As they disembarked on Thursday morning, the veterans were welcomed by Defence Attaché Col. James Phillips.

Defence Attache Col. James Phillips

They then had a police escort to the Dutch Cavalry Museum at Amersfoort.

Dutch Cavalry Museum at Amersfoort

After lunch at the barracks, they were driven to their hotel at the Wageningen International Congress Centre, where they later had dinner.

On Friday 4 May, Remembrance Day in the Netherlands, the veterans were driven to Bronbeek Royal Home for Retired Military Personnel for lunch.

Bronbeek Royal Home for Retired Military Personnel

They then paid a short visit to Oosterbeek CWGC to pay their respects to their fallen comrades buried there.

Oosterbeek CWGC

In the evening, the veterans were invited to attend a remembrance service at Heteren.

On Saturday 5 May, the veterans took part in the Liberation Day parade at Wageningen. The veterans joined the parade in golf carts and a London taxi. After the parade, the veterans were invited to attend a gala dinner.

On Sunday, their last day, the veterans once again received a police escort back to the Hook of Holland, and on the ferry journey home, the commemorated those lost at sea. The group arrived back in Harwich for 8pm.

ferry journey home

For more photos, please visit our Facebook Photo Albums or our Flickr channel.

For videos, please visit our Facebook page and our Twitter channel.

The Taxi Charity would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that made this trip possible.

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