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Taxi Charity attends 'premiere' of Return Of The Liberators documentary

A screening of our documentary, Return of the Liberators, was held in the amphitheatre at the incredible riverside offices of Ogilvy UK last night. Hogarth and Ogilvy, part of the Ogilvy group, helped produce the film with Janet Hodgson, our filmmaker-in-residence, and Creation Company Pictures, so it was great to be able to celebrate the film with them.

The film got a great reception. Lots of laughter and a few tears, a lot of goodwill and cheering.

25 veterans were in attendance and there was a great turnout of the charity committee. The veterans sat in a stately manner at the back, presiding over the events, cheering for their comrades in the film, singing along to the songs, and shedding a few tears for lost friends.

The wonderful hosts laid on quite an event, with great beer, and swing dancers from Swing Patrol London, who bopped about with the veterans after the film. As is often the way, there was a good old singsong, with our own Eddie Hillery leading the way. Even some of the Ogilvy execs joined in, notably Tara Austin, decked out in 1940s garb, who got quite into the singing with veteran Peter Kent.

At the end, after a brief Q&A with the director, Ogilvy invited everyone to vote for us in the National Lottery Awards.

A huge thank you to Ogilvy UK!

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